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Expended Graphite


The raw material for our Expanded Graphite AED is a refined product from natural graphite ore.  Our products are produced by expansion treatments.  Sulfuric acid or other materials is inserted (Intercalated) between the layers of the ordinary Vein Graphite, and forms the graphite intercalation compounds.  Then, applying heat, the graphite layer is greatly expanded by the energy when the sulfuric acid contained between the layers is vaporized from the liquid, and the volume expands to about 200 times.  Our Expanded Graphites are the products that these of graphite are processed to the compressed sheets and milling them.

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Main Applications


1.     Battery ApplicationsAs battery applications, it is widely used mainly as conductive materials for primary batteries.  It has been used for many years as conductive materials for batteries that is lighter due to specific surface area and bulk density.


2.     Thermal Conductivity and Electrical Conductivity Fillers for ResinIt is used for thermoplastics and thermosetting resins as fillers of adding both heat dissipation and electrical conductivity.  Since it is effective with a smaller amount of addition than normal graphite, it leads to lower cost, weight reduction, and elimination of compounding time.


3.     Brake Friction Materials and Brake Pads Recently the brakes have begun to change to copper-free brakes, the range of use is expanding.  Expanded graphite which has high conductivity and thermal conductivity is developing new applications as a replacement for copper.