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Amorphous Graphite


Amorphous Graphite is a mineral as well as Flake Graphite.  Compared to Flake Graphite, it is a lump of earth in appearance.  Although it is lump of earth in appearance and a low crystallinity.  It has been used for a long time as paints and rubber additions because of its low cost and hydrophilic with liquids.  The crystallinity of our Amorphous Graphite is thoroughly controlled in particular, and we are making efforts for in-house analysis and mine evaluation guidance to avoid mixing anthracite similar to it and coal which is not a graphite crystalline form.


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Main Applications


1.       Improvements for lubricity, conductivity, and chemical resistance related to rubber and elastomers.


2.       Reducing agents for steel-making, etc., Adjustment carburizing materials.


3.       Releasing agents for casting, etc.