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Flake Graphite


Flake Graphite is composed of many plate-shaped (graphene) stacking structures with hexagonal crystals.  Similar to the characteristics of graphite, it has excellent Thermal resistance, lubricity, conductivity, thermal conductivity, and chemical resistance.  Generally, it is used in various fields for industrial applications such as pencils and mechanical pencils.


Flake Graphite is mined by a method called as open-pit mining, which is present in rocks and stones at a rate of several percent to several tens of percent.


After mining the ore, it is coarsely crushed, beneficiated, refined, pluralized, and classified before being delivered to the customer.  About 90% of the Flake Graphite used in Japan comes from China, but we can produce and manage the Flake Graphite which comes from various countries according to our customers’ requirements from the viewpoint of BCP and China risk avoidance.


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Main Applications


1.     In recent years, Flake Graphite has attracted worldwide attention as a negative electrode material for secondary batteries with the development of electric vehicles.  Other large flakes are used as refractory materials for crucibles, packing, nozzle stoppers, magnesia carbon bricks, etc.


2.     Highly purified and crushed products are used in a wide range of fields including solid lubricant applications, heat resistant, heat resistant products, conductive paints, pencils, electric brushes, greases, powder metallurgy, brake pads, linings, clutches, mechanicals, seals, rubber resin additives, etc.